Use your technical skills for social good!

HackDuke is the world's premier collegiate hackathon addressing social good.

HackDuke is about:
--Collaboration not competition
--Exploring the intersection between technology and social good
--Giving back to the community

We're so excited to be a melting pot of incredible talent, hardware, and mentors to explore the intersection of social good and technology. We hope you can join us!    

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  • All hacks must be built by accepted, confirmed, and checked-in HackDuke attendees. (This includes registered and checked-in Duke students.)
  • Teams must consist of no more than five members.
  • Hackers must be a current student, or have left school within the past year, and present enrollment identification (i.e. student ID) to a HackDuke organizer if asked.
  • Due to university liability requirements, individuals must be at least 18 years old.


Submissions are due on Devpost by 1:30pm on Sunday, though feel free to submit early and change it up to the deadline. Late submissions are not allowed.

You must include videos, photos, or screenshots of the working product and a link to the source code (GitHub, etc.) of your project.


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HackDuke Organizers

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Judging Criteria

  • HackDuke judging criteria
    As an event dedicated to social good, we're both looking for technical skill and an interesting and creative solution to a social problem in one of our four tracks: Inequality, Energy & Environment, Health & Wellness, and Education.
  • Impact
    Does it solve the problem that is presented? How well does the team explain their solution? How well does the team understand the problem that they face in that topic?
  • Creativity/innovation
    How innovative is the idea? Is it a unique or clever solution to the problem?
  • Technical skill
    Do they solve difficult technical problem(s)? Does the project actually work? Does the app/project do what it’s supposed to do? Is the design clean? Are the features accessible?